Jim Rouches

Harvest House Director of Program Services

To love on the addicted and afflicted when they cant love themselves, bringing freedom, restoration, hope, peace, and joy to individuals and their loved ones, breaking the cycles of abuse and bondage. – Jim Rouches

Jim Rouches was born in Rochester, MN and raised in both Chicago and Lansing, MI. He moved to Florida in 1989. After 35 years of battling with addiction and in and out of prison he came to Harvest House as a resident in 2005. In 2006, Jim successfully completed the program and started working part-time for Harvest House in 2007. After many years of serving, mentoring, and teaching, Jim was promoted to Veterans Coordinator in 2011 and assisted in pioneering the Grant & Per Diem Program for Veterans. Since 2013, Jim has served as the Director of Program Services. He is also the author and founder of HomeHealing, an online drug & alcohol recovery initiative. Jim’s promise, “I promise to care with all that is in me, even when you cannot.”

Contact: jim@harvesthousecenters.com

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